It is essential that your vehicle is serviced regularly to keep it roadworthy and also to ensure it your vehicles resale value remains as high as possible. Not only this, but it could also identify any potential mechanical problems before they actually happen. In the longrun, regular servicing should save you money and limit any major vehicle problems that might occur.

Auto-Mech always uses the highest quality parts in our repairs – sometimes that means we’ll use the same as a main dealer would use, but sometimes we recommend other parts that we feel of our a superior quality. Of course, we’ll always let you know before we perform any major work and will always let you know the cost implications.

We recommend that you service your car every 12 months, though older cars may require a service every 6 months.

But what about my car’s warranty?

Thanks to EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation you don’t need to worry about invalidating your cars warranty if you get us to perform any work on it.