More & more cars now come with air-conditioning as standard, but may people don’t realise the importance of ensuring their air-conditioning is working as efficiently as possible.

Over the course of a year your air-conditioning system will lose approximately 10% of it’s gases and that translates into costing you more money as it won’t be working efficiently. Car manufacturers recommend that you have your Air-Con recharged with gas & lubricant every second year – when was the last time you had yours done? A normal car service does not include air-con recharge, so your motor may be in need it. You may also have noticed an odd smell coming out of the air vents in your car, this is often a sign that your air-con needs attention.

As part of a routine Air Conditioning service we will inspect for leaks.  You may have a leak if you find your air-con system deteriorates rapidly and in this situation we will take every precaution to avoid escape of your refrigerant and will recover all remaining 134a from your system. Our staff will then use nitrogen to pressurise your system together with Ultrasonic detection and Ultra Violet visual aids to identify the route problem, once this has been identified we are qualified to fix the fault.

Air filters, pollen filters and other parts of your vehicle ventilation system will also be inspected, cleaner or replaced as part of the system service.

Was your car manufactured before 1995?

We are approved vehicle air conditioning maintainers and use Klea 134a refrigerant to recondition vehicle climate control and air conditioning systems. Customers with vehicles manufactures prior to 1995 may have systems containing Arcton 12 in their air conditioning systems. Arcton 12 has been banned meaning your car may require modification to be compatible with 134a.

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